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Private Company Secondary Auctions

Determine your transaction timing, price range and sell limits within NPM’s flexible auction mechanism.
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NPM Uses Its Legal Expertise And Experience With Secondary Trading To Set Up And Facilitate Auction-style Bidding Processes For Private Company Shareholders And Investors.

With companies staying private longer and dry powder continuing to remain at all-time high levels, we address the growing liquidity demands of the private market with a secondary auction format that provides competitive pricing and potentially allows company shareholders to be more involved in the transaction itself.

Why Nasdaq Private Market?

Multiple Opportunities. One Partner.

Customizable Auction Parameters

Auctions provide the same level of customization, if not higher, than standard private company tender offers. Companies can name price floors and ceilings, project or limit the amount eligible to be sold in the transaction, and more.

Competitive Price Discovery

Companies that run auctions may benefit from competitive price discovery from sophisticated, institutional buyers, which generally leads to more transparent clearing price calculations.

Time to Liquidity

Depending on the structure, companies may be able to carry out company-wide auctions in less time than it takes to hold a traditional tender offer, mainly due to the 20-business day mandatory tender offer window.

Streamline Liquidity Management

Structured to Fit
Your Liquidity Stage

There’s technology — and there’s the NPM Platform. A central marketplace that connects you with engaged investors and partners. Tailored technology gives you the features you need to execute smart, streamlined transactions quickly and efficiently.

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A Smooth and Efficient Client Experience

We had the pleasure of using the NPM platform and had a fantastic overall experience. NPM’s knowledgeable and efficient team enabled us to successfully launch within a tight time frame.
June Ko

General Counsel, CircleCi

June Ko

General Counsel, CircleCi

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